Microsoft’s Major Windows Update: No Windows 12 in Sight?

February 04, 2024 – Microsoft is gearing up for a significant update to its Windows operating system, potentially rolling out to Windows 11 users this fall, according to recent reports. However, it appears unlikely that the new version will be named Windows 12.

Under the tenure of former leader Panos Panay, Microsoft opted to abandon Windows 10 and focus exclusively on delivering new features to Windows 11 and beyond. This decision left a large portion of Windows 10 loyalists unable to access any of the new apps, services, and functionalities developed by Microsoft over the past two years.

Following the appointment of new leadership, Mikhail Parakhin, the Windows team has reevaluated its stance on Windows 10. One of their first moves was to introduce new features like Windows Copilot to the older operating system.

This shift in strategy is seen as a strong indication that Microsoft has no intention of releasing Windows 12 in the near future. Instead, the company appears to be treating Windows 10 and Windows 11 as a unified platform, simplifying the process of porting certain features from Windows 11 back to Windows 10.

In early December of last year, Microsoft announced that it would offer paid security updates to Windows 10 users even after the official support ends in 2025. This move acknowledges the reality that many users are not eager to upgrade to Windows 11 or a potential Windows 12 anytime soon.

The fragmentation of the Windows user base poses a significant challenge for Microsoft. Currently, Windows 10 boasts approximately 1 billion users, while Windows 11 has only reached 400 million. The sluggish adoption rate of Windows 11 highlights the reluctance of users to embrace new versions of the operating system.

For most users, the prospect of a new Windows version is not a compelling reason to upgrade. Many prefer to wait until their existing computers become obsolete before investing in a new machine. As such, the release of Windows 12 is unlikely to generate much enthusiasm among the general user base.

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