Microsoft’s New ‘Companions’ Feature Brings Dynamic Tiles to Windows 11

May 10, 2024 – A recent tweet from @thebookisclosed has revealed an intriguing new feature in Microsoft’s latest Windows 11 Build 26212 preview, dubbed “Companions.” Once activated, this novel functionality introduces a “dynamic tile” effect adjacent to the Start menu.

As evidenced by the demonstration screenshots, users have the flexibility to position these “dynamic tiles” either to the left or right of the Start menu. These tiles have the potential to showcase diverse information such as weather updates and stock prices. It is anticipated that in the future, they could also exhibit details like time, sporting events, and delivery progress.

The source asserts that the “Companions” feature is powered by “Adaptive Cards,” which are crafted using JSON (JavaScript Object Notation), a straightforward data format. This programming allows developers to invoke and customize these cards across various applications, services, and platforms, paving the way for users to enjoy “dynamic tiles” from a wide range of apps in the future.

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