Microsoft Pushes XGP Promotion in Latest Windows 11 Dev Build

May 13, 2024 – In the recently released Windows 11 Dev Build 26120.470 (KB5037864), Microsoft has incorporated a promotional card for its XGP service within the Settings homepage. This new feature, however, is exclusively available to users of the Home and Pro editions of Windows 11.

According to Microsoft’s official statement, the new Game Pass recommendation card is primarily targeted at users who actively play games on their PCs. This move underscores the company’s intention to increase the exposure of XGP and attract more subscribers through built-in advertising at the operating system level.

Apart from promoting XGP, this update also brings several optimizations and bug fixes to various applications, enhances the stability of Bluetooth connections, improves Remote Desktop functionality, and addresses a deadlock issue in CloudAP.

Furthermore, the problem of connecting the Notepad application to printers has been resolved, and the system’s ability to display localized languages has been strengthened.

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