iPhone 16 Design Sketches Hint at Return of Vertical Dual-Camera Setup and New Camera Button

February 05, 2024 – Recent reports from X platform’s informant, Majin Bu, have unveiled potential design sketches of what is speculated to be Apple’s upcoming iPhone 16. Subsequently, the foreign media outlet, theapplehub, has crafted a series of renderings based on these alleged designs.

The sketches suggest a possible return to the vertical dual-camera setup seen in the iPhone X through 12 era, a feature that could facilitate the recording of spatial videos. This design choice marks a departure from recent iPhone models and a nod to a much-loved classic.

Furthermore, the sketches hint at the inclusion of a newly introduced camera button on the iPhone 16 models. According to previous reports, this button is said to retain a mechanical structure while also supporting touch input and pressure sensitivity. This innovative feature could potentially allow users to zoom in or out by adjusting the pressure applied and to focus and capture images with a simple tap or press.

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