Microsoft Pushes Upgrade Reminders to Ineligible Windows 10 Users

April 21, 2024 – Recently, Microsoft has begun pushing full-screen pop-up reminders to Windows 10 computer users whose devices do not meet the requirements for upgrading to Windows 11.

According to user feedback, some have received upgrade reminders for Windows 11 after installing the latest patches. Microsoft first expressed gratitude for the loyalty of Windows 10 users but emphasized that “your computer is not eligible for an upgrade to Windows 11” and that “Windows 10 will end support on October 14, 2025.”

Additionally, Microsoft is encouraging these users to learn more about transitioning to a new Windows 11 computer. It’s worth noting that the pop-up reminder lacks a “don’t show again” button, only offering “Remind me later” and “Learn more” options.

For Windows 10 computer users who do not meet the Windows 11 upgrade conditions, there are two choices available. One is to purchase a new computer preinstalled with the Windows 11 system, and the other is to pay Microsoft for the Extended Security Updates (ESU) fee for Windows 10 – which allows users to continue receiving security updates after the official support ends in October 2025.

According to Microsoft’s announced policy, the cost for commercial users starts at 61(approximately441yuan)perdevice,anditdoubleseveryyearforthreeyears.Thismeansthatthefeeforeachdevicewillbe122 (approximately 882 yuan) in the second year and $244 (approximately 1,764 yuan) in the third year.

Furthermore, Microsoft will allow individual users to pay for updates for the first time, although the specific cost has not been announced yet, it is expected to be significant.

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