Tesla’s New Model 3 Performance: A Glimpse into Its Upcoming Features

April 21, 2024 – Tesla has remained tight-lipped about its highly anticipated Model 3 Performance facelift, but signs of its imminent release are becoming increasingly apparent.

In addition to sightings of camouflaged test cars across North America and beyond, intriguing details have surfaced from the source code of Tesla’s British website order page for the Model 3 Performance.

While the source code doesn’t reveal specifics like 0-60 mph acceleration time, top speed, or range, it does confirm several key features of the upcoming model. Among the highlights from the UK order page source code for the new Model 3 Performance are:

An all-new high-performance drive system delivering over 500 horsepower, promising a 0-60 mph sprint in under (*) seconds, making it the most powerful Model 3 ever.

A bespoke exterior design exclusive to the Model 3 Performance, featuring redesigned bumpers, diffusers, and a carbon fiber spoiler for both aesthetics and enhanced stability at high speeds.

A brand-new adaptive suspension system, controlled internally by software, offers superior body control without sacrificing comfort during daily driving.

Track Mode V3, a racing mode that retunes the powertrain and suspension for a more responsive handling experience. Drivers can customize handling balance, stability control, and regenerative braking to suit their preferences. This latest generation of driving mode integrates the adaptive suspension with a performance-tuned powertrain for quicker reactions and driving thrills. The customized chassis and suspension hardware, fine-tuned to deliver intuitive and responsive handling feedback, along with improved pedal feel and thermal management, ensures consistent braking performance across various speeds and temperatures.

The interior receives an upgrade as well, with new seats offering stronger side bolsters and cushion support, plus a ventilation function for added comfort. Lightweight carbon fiber trim and a unique weave texture add to the Performance model’s exclusive ambiance.

Lastly, forged performance wheels, designed for lightness and aerodynamics, promise faster steering response, improved predictability, better corner-exit traction, and optimized aerodynamics.

It’s worth noting that some information in the source code may be placeholder and subject to change. Official details will prevail when the car is officially unveiled. Nevertheless, these tidbits hint at a formidable Model 3 Performance facelift in the works at Tesla.

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