Samsung Unveils Design Identity 5.0: A Vision for the Future

April 08, 2024 – Samsung Electronics has recently unveiled their latest press release, with the company’s Mobile Division President, Taiwon Lu, discussing Design Identity 5.0 and introducing a brand new core concept of Essential∙Innovative∙Harmonious, set to be implemented across their range of smartphones, wearables, and televisions by 2030.

Lu expressed that Samsung has redefined its design philosophy and outlined its vision for development by 2030, stating, “Samsung Design Identity 5.0 sets a new direction for design, making our future goals clear and driving us forward.”

He revealed that Samsung has established a total of 7 design studios worldwide, comprising over 1500 professional designers. Lu emphasized that since its inception in 1996, the design philosophy “Inspired by Humans, Creating the Future” has remained constant, with Design Identity iterations serving to clarify this principle.

Previous iterations of Design Identity were highlighted as follows:

– Design Identity 1.0 (2001-2005): Simplicity with Resonance

– Design Identity 2.0 (2006-2010): Create an Emotional Journey

– Design Identity 3.0 (2011-2018): Make It Meaningful

– Design Identity 4.0 (2019-2022): Be Bold. Resonate With Soul

– Design Identity 5.0 (2023-2030): Essential∙Innovative∙Harmonious.

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