Tesla CEO Elon Musk Announces Over $10 Billion Investment in Autonomous Driving

April 08, 2024 – Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, recently took to the social media platform X to announce that Tesla’s cumulative investment in the field of autonomous driving this year will exceed $10 billion.

This statement arose from speculation by an electric car enthusiast about Tesla’s training process for its Full Self-Driving (FSD) assistance system. Tesla’s autonomous driving technology training has long been a subject of interest, especially after the company announced that its FSD fleet had surpassed a cumulative mileage of 1 billion miles.

Responding to a user on the X platform, Musk pointed out that Tesla’s cumulative investment this year in training computing, data pipelines, and video storage would exceed $10 billion.

“The difficulty of achieving universal autonomous driving is astonishing, it requires all of the above and even more. Just this year, Tesla’s cumulative investment in training computing, massive data pipelines, and vast video storage will exceed $10 billion. But compared to the value of cars worth about $250 billion with Tesla-designed AI inference computers installed on the road and trained by drivers, this is nothing,” Musk wrote.

Although the figures mentioned by Musk on the X platform are enormous, considering that Tesla has produced over 6 million vehicles to date, such an investment is deemed worthwhile. Tesla plans to invest $10 billion this year in the field of autonomous driving, and considering that FSD has already generated some (although still limited) revenue, this investment is also seen as a reasonable use of resources.

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