Google Unveils Pixel 8a: AI Features and Affordable Pricing Highlight New Smartphone

May 08, 2024 – Today, Google officially unveiled its latest smartphone, the Pixel 8a, which is scheduled to hit the US market on May 14th, 2024. The device will be available in two storage options: a 128GB variant priced at 499 USD (approximately 3598 RMB) and a 256GB model priced at 559 USD (currently equivalent to roughly 4030 RMB).

The Pixel 8a stands out for its integration of advanced features, notably the introduction of several AI capabilities. Among these, the ability to run the Gemini Nano model sets it apart. Additionally, the smartphone boasts features like Audio Magic Eraser and Best Take.

The Best Take photography function enhances group photos by focusing on individuals in the frame and merging them into a new, improved image. Moreover, the Pixel 8a comes equipped with other AI-powered features such as Audio Magic Eraser and Night Sight.

In terms of specifications, Google has introduced a 256GB version of the Pixel 8a priced at 559 USD. However, this particular model will only be available in Obsidian (black) color.

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