Beats Pill Makes a Comeback: New Model Spotted in iOS 17.5 Beta

May 08, 2024 – The latest iOS 17.5 Beta version has revealed renderings of a new Beats Pill Bluetooth speaker, showcasing a design that remains true to the signature “pill” shape of its predecessors while featuring a carrying strap unseen in earlier models.

Interestingly, NBA superstar LeBron James and F1 driver Daniel Ricciardo publicly unveiled this speaker’s design last week, but detailed specifications remain elusive.

The original Beats Pill wireless Bluetooth speaker debuted in 2012, before Apple acquired Beats Electronics. It underwent several updates, culminating in the Pill+ model launched in 2015 under Apple’s stewardship, which sported a Lightning connector.

Although the Beats Pill+ was quietly discontinued in early 2022, the emergence of this new video hints at the imminent return of the Pill series. Aligning with Apple’s product evolution, it’s speculated that the revamped Pill might sport a Type-C charging port.

Moreover, given that nearly nine years have passed since the release of the Pill+, significant advancements in Bluetooth and other technologies are expected in the upcoming model. However, the specifics of the new Pill remain a mystery at this point.

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