Apple Unveils iPad Pro with Double-Stacked OLED but No Always-On Display

May 08, 2024 – Apple unveiled its latest iPad Pro at a product launch event, featuring a new double-stacked OLED technology that allows the screen’s refresh rate to drop as low as 10 Hz. However, despite this innovation, the new iPad Pro still lacks support for the always-on display feature.

Since 2017, the iPad Pro has boasted ProMotion technology, enabling the device to dynamically switch its refresh rate between 24Hz and 120Hz depending on usage scenarios.

Following the announcement, Ross Young, CEO of screen supply chain consulting firm DSCC, tweeted that while the double-stacked OLED technology in the new iPad Pro does reduce power consumption, there is no significant improvement in battery life compared to previous generations.

It’s worth noting that a refresh rate as low as 1Hz is often considered a hardware requirement for always-on display functionality. Interestingly, Apple’s iPhone 13 Pro, which also supports a minimum 10Hz ProMotion, lacked the always-on display option. It was only with the introduction of the iPhone 14 Pro that Apple included this feature, which allows the screen’s refresh rate to drop to 1Hz.

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