Burnt Plastic Odor Emitted from Galaxy S24 Ultra’s S Pen: Users Report Similar Issues Across Galaxy S Series

March 22, 2024 – Recently, a Galaxy S24 Ultra user took to social media to report that their device’s stylus, the S Pen, emitted a “burnt plastic smell.” This discovery prompted many owners of Galaxy S and Note series smartphones to conduct their own sniff tests, revealing that this issue was not an isolated case.

Some users described the odor as “very unpleasant,” likening it to the scent of “something being burned inside the phone.” Testing confirmed that similar situations existed with the S Pen of other Galaxy S series devices.

Concerned that this foul odor might indicate damage to their S Pen, some users sought clarification. A moderator from the Samsung Europe Community Forum explained that the S Pen, when stored in its slot, is positioned close to the internal components of the phone. These components generate heat during operation, which can cause the plastic exterior of the stylus to slightly warm up and emit a “burnt-like” smell. The moderator emphasized that this phenomenon is entirely normal and should not raise any concerns about the performance or longevity of the S Pen.

In conclusion, while the unpleasant odor may cause some discomfort, there is no need to worry about the quality of the S Pen.

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