Google Set to Revitalize Pixel Tablet with New Accessories and Potential Price Drop

April 25, 2024 – Google, which previously ventured into the Android tablet market with the launch of the Pixel Tablet, appears poised to reinforce its position in this segment. According to noted tipster @MysteryLupin, the tech giant is on the verge of “reviving” its Pixel Tablet offering.

Contrary to introducing an entirely new model, reports suggest that Google intends to continue selling the existing Pixel Tablet but with a significant change: the controversial speaker dock, which was previously bundled with the device, will no longer be mandatory. This move could potentially make the tablet more accessible to a wider audience.

In addition, Google is set to release a stylus and a Bluetooth keyboard specifically designed for the Pixel Tablet. Rumors indicate that both accessories will carry a price tag of 100 euros (approximately 775 Chinese yuan) and will be available in light green and white color options to match the tablet.

It’s worth noting that a stylus made an appearance in the teaser image for the upcoming Google I/O event, hinting at its official launch during the conference.

Originally priced at 499 USD (roughly 3618 Chinese yuan) bundled with a charging dock, the Pixel Tablet was envisioned as a convertible device that could transform into a smart display, charging and controlling smart home appliances. However, the added cost of the dock and the tablet’s unremarkable display and performance specs compared to competitors limited its market appeal.

By offering the tablet as a standalone product, Google is likely to reduce the entry price, potentially to around 400 USD or even lower. Nevertheless, when factoring in the cost of the rumored stylus and keyboard, the total package price could still hover around 600 USD (about 4350 Chinese yuan).

Whether Google’s strategy to revive the Pixel Tablet will bear fruit remains to be seen. Its potential price reduction and new accessories might help it compete more effectively against industry giants like Apple and Samsung. Coincidentally, Apple is slated to unveil new iPad models and possibly a new Apple Pencil at its upcoming event on May 7th, while Google is expected to announce the standalone Pixel Tablet and its accessories at the Google I/O conference starting May 14th.

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