Samsung Chooses Sony’s OLEDoS Over Its Own Display Technology for XR Headset

April 25, 2024 – According to a report by Korean media outlet The Elec, Samsung’s MX division has decided to abandon Samsung Display’s technology for its inaugural XR headset screen, opting instead to utilize Sony’s OLEDoS.

Previously in March, market research firm Omdia reported that Samsung’s first XR headset would feature a Sony OLEDoS screen, specifically noting a 1.3-inch inner display.

The latest report from The Elec sheds more light on the internal workings of Samsung, revealing a lack of cohesion among its various departments, including MX, DS (chips), SDC (display), and Samsung Electro-Mechanics. Apparently, there is no technical manager overseeing the development direction across these departments.

SDC, despite possessing considerable patents and expertise in screen technology, did not collaborate with the MX department on OLEDoS technology. This underscores a noticeable absence of clear roles and responsibilities within Samsung, resulting in a significant waste of internal resources.

The production of OLEDoS and other microdisplays, such as those utilizing glass substrates, demands close collaboration among semiconductors, displays, semiconductor boards, and display glass processing technology.

Interestingly, SDC only initiated the so-called M Project at the end of 2022, focusing on the advancement of OLEDoS and LED-on-silicon technologies. However, this late start has put SDC behind Sony in terms of development progress.

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