Samsung Unifies Gaming Experience with ‘Gaming Hub’ Rebrand

March 22, 2024 – Samsung Electronics has recently announced a significant update regarding its gaming services, unifying the experience across its devices. The company’s game service for mobile devices, previously known as “Game Launcher,” has been renamed “Gaming Hub.”

Previously, Samsung had used the name “Game Launcher” for its mobile gaming service while utilizing “Gaming Hub” for its smart TV, projectors, and other intelligent devices. Essentially, both were the same application but with different names depending on the platform.

To avoid any unnecessary confusion and streamline its gaming offerings, Samsung has decided to rename the mobile version of the application to “Gaming Hub.” This change is purely cosmetic, affecting only the app’s name and icon, while its content and functionality remain unchanged.

In addition to this renaming, Samsung also revealed in its press release that it is currently testing a new feature called Instant Plays on the mobile version of Gaming Hub in the United States and Canada. This feature allows users to enjoy a variety of popular cloud games seamlessly over the internet, enhancing the overall gaming experience on Samsung devices.

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