Samsung to Produce 400,000 First-Generation Galaxy Rings, Debuting with Foldable Phone in July

March 10, 2024 – According to a report from South Korean media outlet thelec, industry insiders have revealed that Samsung Electronics is planning to produce 400,000 units of the first-generation Galaxy Ring.

The Galaxy Ring, a new product line introduced this year, is expected to have its production adjusted by Samsung Electronics based on market response. Due to its small size and the recent availability of necessary components, production is not expected to be disrupted even if demand exceeds expectations. The parts for the Galaxy Ring are set to enter mass production in May, and the new device is anticipated to make its debut alongside Samsung’s sixth-generation foldable phone in July, with an earliest potential release date in August.

During the MWC 2024 exhibition, Samsung MX (Mobile Experience) division head Roh Tae-moon shared some information about the company’s first smart ring, the Galaxy Ring. According to Roh, the Galaxy Ring can last for 5-9 days on a single charge and can be recharged using a pogo pin connector and a dedicated adapter. In terms of functionality, the ring is equipped with various sensors that can track the user’s blood oxygen saturation and sleep patterns. Additionally, it can also monitor heart rate, steps taken, and exercise status.

Samsung Vice President and head of the digital health team, Hon Pak, expressed his desire to make the Galaxy Ring an attractive smart ring that could entice iPhone users to switch to Galaxy phones. “We want our ring to be at a level where users would consider switching their phones for it,” he said during an interview.

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