iVRy Project’s Breakthrough: PS VR2 Headset Can Now Be Used on PC

“May 8, 2023 -” Sony has released the latest virtual reality headset, the PS VR2, which is now listed as a PlayStation accessory on the official website. The website explicitly states that the headset is only compatible with the PS5 gaming console. However, the iVRy project has recently made a breakthrough in cracking the PS VR2’s hardware certification, opening up the possibility of using the headset with a PC. iVRy already supports the first generation PS VR and smartphones for playing VR games on Steam, but the hardware driver is still being reverse-engineered, and it will take some time before the PS VR2 can be used perfectly on a PC.

It is worth noting that the PS VR2 has not performed well in terms of sales, and as a result, it has undergone several rounds of promotional price cuts in China. Despite this, the potential to use the headset with a PC may give it a new lease of life, as PC gaming continues to grow in popularity. The ability to use the PS VR2 with a wider range of games and on a variety of platforms could be the boost that the headset needs to become more successful in the future.

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