Apple Bids Farewell to FineWoven: The End of a Controversial Accessory Material

April 22, 2024 – According to informed sources, Apple has quietly shut down its FineWoven production line, signaling a possible end for this controversial accessory material.

FineWoven made its debut at the iPhone 15 series launch event in September 2023, with high hopes of replacing traditional leather accessories and offering Apple users a fresh experience. However, the market response fell short of expectations.

Reports indicate that FineWoven’s durability and stain resistance came under scrutiny, with consumers voicing their dissatisfaction. Recognizing that FineWoven might not be the ideal leather substitute, Apple has apparently made the decision to halt its production.

Sources now confirm that Apple has completely ceased FineWoven manufacturing, and related equipment has been dismantled, effectively marking the end of this material.

Fashion accessory expert Kosutami corroborated the cessation of FineWoven production in an article, delving into the reasons for its failure. According to Kosutami, FineWoven’s main flaw lay in its poor durability, which made it inadequate against daily wear and tear as well as stains.

Industry insiders suggest that Apple is exploring a new non-leather material for its premium accessories. This material is rumored to possess excellent durability, stain resistance, and potentially other advantages such as environmental friendliness and lightness. More details are anticipated to be revealed during the iPhone 16 series launch event later this year.

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