Sirui Optics Debuts New AF75mm and AF16mm F1.2 Lenses at Beijing P&E Expo

May 12, 2024 – According to the official Weibo account of “Sirui Optics,” the company has unveiled its new AF75mm F1.2 and AF16mm F1.2 autofocus lenses at the Beijing P&E exhibition. These lenses are compatible with Fujifilm X, Nikon Z, and Sony E mounts; however, the official pricing information and lens structure data have not been disclosed.

Sirui Optics previously released its AF23mm F1.2, AF33mm F1.2, and AF56mm F1.2 autofocus lenses on November 24th, 2023. These lenses are available in black, white, and silver versions. The black version features a carbon fiber finish, the white version sports a painted finish, and the silver version is crafted from aluminum alloy.

Additionally, Sirui Optics showcased the AF75mm F1.2 lens paired with a Nikon Zfc camera, exhibiting a retro aesthetic. Furthermore, the company announced that it is currently developing full-frame autofocus lenses with large apertures, although specific details remain unknown.

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