Trademark Trail: Samsung’s Global Filing Spree Reveals Exciting Plans for Future Products

November 27, 2023 – Recently, Samsung has filed multiple trademark applications, spanning from products set to be released in a few months to those expected to debut nearly two years later, including the Galaxy S25 and Galaxy Z Fold 7.

Samsung has extended its trademark applications to cover various product categories, such as smart rings and augmented reality glasses. Notably, GalaxyClub has uncovered additional trademark applications filed by Samsung in different countries, with one confirming that the Galaxy S24 will be marketed as an AI phone.

In a demonstration of its commitment to AI, Samsung has submitted trademark applications for names like AI Phone and AI Smartphone. While these names may seem somewhat generic, there is a possibility that Samsung might face challenges in obtaining these trademarks. Nevertheless, this reiterates the emphasis on AI, which will be the key selling point for the Galaxy S24 series when it is unveiled in San Jose, California on January 17 next year.

Previous reports had already established the fact that the Galaxy S24 is an AI phone. There were earlier indications that Samsung was planning to concentrate on artificial intelligence in its next-generation flagship, a fact later confirmed by Samsung. The announcement of Galaxy AI further solidifies Samsung’s commitment to integrating edge AI models into its new Galaxy flagship phones.

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