Apple Warns of Inaccuracies in Key Features for EU iPhone Users After March Update

January 26, 2024 – Apple has issued a reminder today stating that following the March update, iPhone users across 27 European Union member states may experience inaccuracies in certain features and functionalities that rely on the App Store, including “Screen Time” and “Family Sharing” for purchases.

According to Apple, “Screen Time” primarily utilizes APIs from the App Store to track user engagement. Consequently, with the introduction of third-party app stores for European users, applications installed outside of the App Store or via sideloading methods will not have their usage time accurately recorded.

Note: With “Family Sharing” enabled, one adult in the household (the family organizer) is responsible for paying for purchases made by family members. Apple has indicated that this feature may also malfunction after the integration of third-party app stores for European customers.

Furthermore, Apple has cautioned that it will be unable to assist users with issues related to refunds, purchase history, subscription management and cancellation, violations of user data privacy, abuse or fraud, and manipulation.

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