Apple Unveils Automatic Transcription Feature for Podcasts in iOS 17.4 Update

January 26, 2024 – In a press release issued today, Apple announced the upcoming rollout of a groundbreaking transcription feature for its Podcasts application in the iOS 17.4 update. This new functionality will automatically convert audio content from podcasts into written transcripts, enhancing the accessibility and convenience of the podcast listening experience.

Initially, the transcription capability in the Podcasts app will be limited to English, French, German, and Spanish language podcasts. However, Apple has revealed plans to extend this feature to over 170 additional countries and regions, including China, in the near future.

In the official press statement, Apple clarified that the transcripts for new podcasts will be generated automatically shortly after their release. Users can listen to the latest episodes as soon as they become available and access the corresponding transcripts shortly afterward, albeit with a slight delay.

It’s worth noting that the transcription feature won’t account for dynamic audio insertions that alter the original content of the podcast. Moreover, musical lyrics won’t be included in the transcribed text, ensuring that the focus remains on the spoken word content of the podcasts.

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