Apple Vision Pro’s Limited Find My Support Raises Concerns for Users

February 03, 2024 – According to official support documents released by Apple, it has come to light that the Apple Vision Pro does not fully support the Find My feature. This poses a significant concern for users who have invested in the $3499 headset, as it means that in the event of it being lost, they will not be able to track its location or recover it.

Upon reviewing the official Apple documentation, it becomes apparent that while users can remotely activate the Activation Lock through Find My if they lose their Vision Pro headset while traveling or in other scenarios, ensuring that no one else can use it, there are notable limitations. Specifically, users cannot track the headset’s location on a map, play a sound to aid in its discovery, enable Lost Mode, or remotely erase its data.

Speculation among the media suggests that this could be due to engineering reasons. The Vision Pro headset itself does not have a battery and shuts down immediately upon disconnecting from a power source. This could explain the lack of Find My functionality, as the feature typically requires a constant power supply to transmit location data and remain discoverable.

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