NVIDIA Unveils New RTX 3050 with Reduced VRAM and Lower Power Consumption

February 03, 2024 – In a recent announcement, NVIDIA has unveiled a new iteration of its RTX 3050 graphics card, notable for a significant reduction in its video memory to 6GB.

This latest RTX 3050 6GB variant is equipped with the smaller GA107 core, specifically the GA107-325 model. It boasts 2304 CUDA cores, 64 tensor cores, 16 ray tracing units, and 64 texture units. However, it retains only 20 ROP units.

The card’s base clock speed stands at 1042MHz, with a boost clock speed of up to 1470MHz. As for the video memory, it has undergone a comprehensive downsizing, featuring a 96-bit memory interface and a capacity of just 6GB GDDR6. While the effective memory frequency remains unchanged at 14GHz, the bandwidth has been reduced to 168GB/s.

Another notable change is the drastic decrease in power consumption. The new RTX 3050 operates at a significantly lower TDP of 70W, almost half of its predecessor. This reduction eliminates the need for an auxiliary power connector.

So, what will be the price tag for this new graphics card? According to rumors from distributors, the new RTX 3050 is expected to retail at around 179 USD (approximately 1287 CNY).

Comparing the RTX 3050 8GB with the new 3050 6GB reveals the following changes:

CUDA cores: 2560 → 2304 (-10%)

Video memory: 8GB → 6GB (-25%)

Memory bandwidth: 224 GB/s → 168 GB/s (-25%)

GPU frequency: 1552/1777 MHz → 1042/1470 MHz (-32%/-17%)

TDP: 130W → 70W (-46%)

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