Apple CEO Defends Vision Pro’s $3499 Price Tag, Calling it ‘Tomorrow’s Technology Today

February 03, 2024 – In a highly anticipated move, Apple CEO Tim Cook made an appearance at the iconic Apple Store on Fifth Avenue in New York City to sit down with ABC’s “Good Morning America” for an interview. The focus of the discussion was none other than the newly launched Vision Pro headset, which went on sale in the United States today.

During the interview, host Michael Strahan raised concerns about whether the Vision Pro could potentially lead to further isolation among individuals. Addressing these concerns, Cook emphasized that the Vision Pro is designed to enhance human connections rather than isolate users. He explained, “You and I could be sitting here wearing these headsets and having a conversation. We can see each other’s eyes, but we can also see the screens around us. It augments our connectivity. This was a crucial aspect for us during the design process, as we wanted people to maintain that human connection, to see each other’s eyes, instead of feeling lost in the headset.”

Naturally, the conversation turned to the headset’s hefty price tag of $3499. Defending the cost, Cook described the Vision Pro as “tomorrow’s technology today,” justifying its premium pricing. He elaborated, “…we have over 5000 patents invested in this product. It’s truly a labor of love. I understand the sticker shock, but I believe some may opt for our monthly payment plan. I’ve spoken to many who are eager to make the purchase outright.”

Looking ahead, Cook acknowledged that pricing strategies could evolve. “Time will tell,” he said. “For now, we feel this is the right pricing for the technology we’re offering.”

Earlier today, Apple also announced that customers eager to experience the Vision Pro can start booking demonstrations at Apple Stores across the US and on the official website from next Monday. A banner newly added to the Apple website reads, “Be among the first to get a demo of Apple Vision Pro. We invite you to sign up for a demo at your local Apple Store. Demo slots are available on a first-come, first-served basis. For demos on or after February 5th, you can also book your appointment online.”

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