Apple Vision Pro Head Display: A Glimpse into Variable Refresh Rates of 90Hz, 96Hz, and 100Hz

October 10, 2023 – Uncovering the Secrets of Apple’s Vision Pro Headset The developer community is abuzz with excitement as M1 Astra delves deep into the code of visionOS Beta 4, unveiling intriguing details about Apple’s highly anticipated Vision Pro headset. The standout discovery? A maximum refresh rate of 100Hz, with the ability to seamlessly switch between 100Hz, 96Hz, and 90Hz modes.

Hidden within the code pertaining to the 100Hz mode lies a mysterious reference to “PASSTHROUGH_50HZ_FLICKER_DETECTED.” This cryptic option hints that the Vision Pro headset might not default to 100Hz under normal circumstances. Instead, it seems that the headset will only activate this higher refresh rate when it detects the presence of 50Hz flickering in the ambient lighting conditions, likely outdoors.

Previously, it was reported that the Vision Pro headset would operate at a default refresh rate of 90Hz. However, when viewing content with a cinematic 24 frames per second, the display will gracefully elevate its refresh rate to 96Hz, effectively reducing potential frame judder issues that might occur at the default refresh rate.

Apple’s latest release, the Vision Pro headset, is a hardware powerhouse, boasting dual 4K resolution screens with a staggering total pixel count of 23 million. Interestingly, Apple has chosen not to explicitly mention the specific screen refresh rate parameters, opting instead to emphasize the overall system latency, which clocks in at an impressive 12 milliseconds.

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