AMD’s Sarlak / Strix Halo Processor Delayed to 2025

November 01, 2023 – AMD Delays Sarlak / Strix Halo Processor to 2025

According to the latest information shared by Moore’s Law Is Dead (MLID), AMD has postponed the release of its Sarlak processor, which is set to compete with Apple’s M-series chips, to the year 2025.

Sarlak / Strix Halo

Strix Halo, also known as Sarlak, is a derivative of the Strix Point architecture and features 16 Zen5 cores along with 40 CU RDNA3.5 integrated graphics units.

Previously reported to deliver 45-50 TOPS (Trillions of Operations Per Second), Sarlak boasts a performance increase of approximately five times compared to AMD’s current Phoenix Point products.

Zen 5 Chiplet Design

Up to 16 cores

64MB shared L3 cache

Operates at 90W with a 25% speed boost compared to the 16-core Dragon series

40 RDNA 3+ compute units

Performance comparable to the RTX 4070 Max-Q (90W)

Features a 256-bit LPDDR5X memory controller

Integrated XDNA engine

40 TOPS artificial intelligence engine

Strix Point / Strix Monolithic

Strix Monolithic is the true successor to Phoenix, with Strix Point set to launch in mid-2024. It will include 4xZen5 and 8xZen5C cores, an RDNA3.5-based iGPU, and an estimated 45-50 INT8 TOPS.

Zen 5 (4nm) monolithic design

Up to 12 mixed configuration cores (Zen 5 + Zen 5C)

32MB shared L3 cache

Operates at 50W with a 35% speed boost over Phoenix

16 RDNA3+ compute units

Performance similar to the RTX 3050 Max-Q

Features a 128-bit LPDDR5X memory controller

Integrated XDNA engine

20 TOPS artificial intelligence engine

Expected to be released in the second or third quarter of 2024

Significant AI performance improvements

An OEM has informed MLID that Microsoft has now set the minimum INT8 baseline for APUs at approximately 45-50 TOPS. This move is aimed at ensuring the smooth operation of all AI-centric integrations in Windows 11, such as Coilot.

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