Samsung’s Game-Changing Galaxy A55: Unveiling the Exynos 1480 Chipset

December 18, 2023 –

In a bold move to redefine mobile technology, Samsung is poised to unveil the Galaxy A55, a device heralding a new era in smartphone performance and design. At the heart of this anticipated release is the Exynos S5E8845 chipset, speculated to be the Exynos 1480. This marks a significant leap from its predecessors used in the Galaxy A54 and A53, identified as the Exynos S5E8835 and S5E8825 respectively.

Recent internet buzz has been fueled by a GeekBench scorecard, presumably of the Exynos 1480, showcasing its prowess in a testing environment. The chip’s single-core performance is noted at an impressive 1180 points, with a multi-core score of 3536 points. This represents a substantial improvement over the Galaxy A54’s 1108 and 2797 points, signaling a notable advancement in processing power.

The Exynos 1480 is rumored to be an octa-core chipset, featuring four high-performance cores with a maximum frequency of 2.75GHz, complemented by four efficiency cores peaking at 2.05GHz. What’s particularly intriguing is the speculation around the inclusion of the Xclipse 530 GPU, based on AMD’s RDNA2 architecture. This GPU is expected to significantly outperform the previous Malu GPU found in Exynos chips, potentially introducing ray tracing capabilities in gaming – a feature still shrouded in speculation.

As for the Galaxy A55 itself, leaked renders hint at a familiar yet refined design aesthetic, with a notable shift towards a squared-off frame. The device is expected to boast a 6.5-inch FullHD+ OLED display with a 120Hz refresh rate, coupled with a 50MP primary camera and support for 25W fast charging. This combination of cutting-edge hardware and elegant design is set to position the Galaxy A55 as a frontrunner in the smartphone market, reflecting Samsung’s commitment to innovation and user experience.

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