Samsung Galaxy S24 AI Features Come With a Catch in China: Fees After 180 Days

March 12, 2024 – Samsung’s recently launched flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S24 series, has introduced a brand-new “Galaxy AI” feature that boasts AI capabilities such as real-time translation during calls, writing assistance, note-taking help, and instant search.

Unlike in overseas markets, Samsung has partnered with Baidu, Meitu, WPS, and other companies to realize the AI functionalities of the Galaxy S24 in the Chinese market. However, there seems to be a discrepancy in Samsung’s commitment to offering free AI services in China compared to other regions.

According to Samsung’s official Galaxy AI press release on January 18th, the company stated that “Galaxy AI features will be available for free on supported Samsung Galaxy devices until the end of 2025.” Nevertheless, this promise seems to have changed in the Chinese market, as the “note-taking assistant” feature will only be free for 180 days and will require a fee afterward.

Media reports indicate that staff at authorized Samsung experience stores have confirmed that the WPS AI integration on the phone allows users to leverage the smart voice assistant for tasks like writing travel guides, creating plans, and summarizing document key points. Customers who purchase the phone and claim their benefits can use this feature for free within the first 180 days, but the specific details regarding future fees remain unclear.

Another staff member mentioned that it is true that some AI features on the S23 series and beyond will become paid services, with fees expected to be around 100 Chinese yuan. Meanwhile, the response from Samsung’s official flagship store on Tmall has also changed, stating that users need to log in to their Samsung accounts to access certain AI features, which are currently available for free. However, the statement adds that “in the future, Samsung may change some or all of its AI features to paid services, and AI functionalities provided by third parties may also become paid services based on their respective collaborations.”

It remains to be seen whether there will be any changes to the WPS AI service or other AI integrations with partners like Meitu and Baidu in the future.

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