Tesla Cracks Down on Cybertruck Resellers Amid Surging Demand and Slow Production

March 12, 2024 – Reports have emerged indicating that due to the sluggish production rate of Tesla’s highly anticipated Cybertruck, reselling the vehicle has become the fastest means of acquiring one.

According to recent updates, the Cybertruck Foundation series is currently being resold at exorbitant prices, reaching up to 290,000 USD, equivalent to approximately 2.08 million Chinese yuan. Auction markets have also witnessed several transactions exceeding 200,000 USD.

Beyond individual buyers, major automotive companies such as Porsche and Ford have also shown interest in the Cybertruck, purchasing units for research purposes at prices of 244,500 USD and 250,000 USD respectively.

However, Tesla’s purchase agreement strictly prohibits customers from reselling their Cybertrucks to any party other than Tesla itself within the first year of ownership. Violators face a penalty of 50,000 USD and a lifelong ban from purchasing Tesla vehicles.

Despite these stringent measures, a number of individuals have still managed to find willing sellers. In response, Tesla has initiated an official investigation into the reselling of Cybertrucks. One such seller reported having two additional Cybertruck reservations canceled by Tesla as a consequence.

While the company has refunded the 100 USD deposit for each canceled reservation, it remains unclear whether Tesla will pursue legal action to claim the 50,000 USD penalty.

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