New iPhone SE Expected to See Slight Price Increase, Staying Affordable at < $499

May 21, 2024 – Apple is anticipated to unveil a new iteration of its popular iPhone SE series in the coming year, promising a “significant upgrade” from its current model. The budget-friendly pricing, which has long been a key selling point for the SE line, is expected to undergo a slight adjustment for the upcoming model.

According to industry insider @Revegnus1, Apple is considering increasing the price of the next-generation iPhone SE in the United States. Specifically, the 64GB variant may retail for approximately 10% higher than the current iPhone SE 3, which retails for 429.Thistranslatestoaprojectedpricetagofroughly469 for the upcoming model.

Even with this proposed price hike, the new iPhone SE is anticipated to remain under the $500 mark, ensuring it continues to cater to the cost-conscious segment of the market. Additionally, due to currency exchange rate fluctuations, the pricing of the new iPhone SE in other regions may also undergo minor adjustments.

In line with Apple’s historical practice, significant redesigns of its products often coincide with price increases. This trend was evident in the redesigned fourth-generation iPad Air, the tenth-generation iPad, and the notably pricier iPhone X when compared to its predecessor, the iPhone 8. It remains to be seen whether the next-generation iPhone SE will follow suit, but one thing is certain: the tech giant is always seeking to strike a balance between innovation and accessibility for its vast consumer base.

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