HMD Global Promises Long-Term Software Updates for Its New Smartphones

May 05, 2024 – HMD Global has recently unveiled a range of smartphones that are hardware-wise considered “basic,” but the company has vowed to provide at least two years of operating system updates and three years of monthly security patches for these devices.

The company has recently launched a new webpage on their official site,, dedicated to showcasing the Android system update roadmap for their own-brand and Nokia smartphones. This includes their latest releases such as the HMD Pulse, Nokia XR20, and XR21.

Taking the Nokia XR21 as an example, this handset received its regular security update on the 3rd of last month, while the Nokia T21 tablet got its security patch on the 24th.

Moreover, HMD Global highlights their “Circular Subscription Service,” a unique offering that allows users to enjoy a “new way of using select Nokia phones and tablets.” As part of this service, the company provides a series of eco-friendly incentives for users to keep their devices longer. In case of damage or loss, HMD Global promises a swift replacement without any additional monthly charges.

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