Google Temporarily Halts Android 15 OTA Updates Due to Known Issues

February 21, 2024 – Recently, Google released the inaugural developer preview of Android 15, but the tech giant was quickly confronted with issues that compelled them to temporarily halt the download of OTA (Over-the-Air) update packages.

On the Android Developers official website, Google acknowledged a “known issue” and subsequently removed the OTA update option for Android 15 DP1. The company elaborated, “We have temporarily disabled OTA image downloads to further investigate the problem.” Consequently, developers eager to explore Android 15 are currently restricted to installing it via factory images.

Prior to this, Google had already disclosed some known issues with Android 15 DP1, one of which pertains to sideloading the latest major system update. Google warned that a “device corrupted” prompt might appear after completing the sideload process. Additionally, the first developer preview is plagued with other issues such as face unlock, picture-in-picture mode, and SIM card remaining locked even after unlocking the device. As of now, Google has not provided a specific timeline for the resumption of OTA updates.

Released on February 16th, the initial Android 15 developer preview focuses more on underlying updates rather than new features anticipated by end-users. It underscores Google’s emphasis on privacy in Android 15, evident in the introduction of a new “Privacy Sandbox” feature. This functionality, which has been in development since last year’s beta phase, has been further enhanced in Android 15 DP1.

The first preview also prioritizes enhancing Android’s performance on “high-end hardware.” Google aims to optimize GPU and AI processing to elevate the user experience with applications.

Developers can look forward to subsequent preview releases through March. The beta phase for Android 15 is set to commence in April and will continue until the “platform stability” milestone, anticipated in June.

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