Samsung Galaxy S24 Display Controversy Addressed with New Software Update

February 21, 2024 – Since its release, the color performance of the Samsung Galaxy S24 series’ display has been a topic of controversy. Many users have noticed that even when the “Vivid” display mode is enabled, the screen colors do not achieve the same level of vibrancy as previous Samsung phones, instead appearing almost identical to the “Natural” mode.

Samsung has emphasized natural and realistic color reproduction in the S24 series, introducing a new “Adaptive Tone” feature that utilizes the phone’s camera to adjust colors and white balance based on different lighting conditions, aiming to present more natural hues on the display regardless of the environment.

However, this approach has not satisfied users who prefer more vibrant colors. Fortunately, Samsung has been listening to customer feedback and has included a “Vibrancy” adjustment slider in the first software update for the Galaxy S24. This new feature allows users to customize the color saturation of the “Vivid” mode according to their preferences.

Currently, this update is only available in South Korea, and other regions have not yet received the push notification. Nevertheless, Twitter user @MyDaebakCafe has shared a video demonstrating the enhanced “Vivid” mode effect after the update. The footage reveals that the colors do appear more pronounced when the “Vivid” mode is activated.

In conclusion, the Samsung Galaxy S24 series’ display has finally overcome the awkward situation where the “Natural” and “Vivid” modes exhibited minimal color variation. Going forward, it is anticipated that Samsung will continue to refine the adjustment effects of the “Vivid” mode based on user feedback, catering to the demands of those who seek even more vibrant hues on their screens.

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