Apple Secures Patent for Modular Battery System, Enabling Flexibility and Wireless Charging Across Devices

March 27, 2024 – Apple has recently secured a patent for a revolutionary charging system that enables modular and removable batteries, significantly enhancing the flexibility of its devices to adapt to various usage scenarios.

The patent describes the design of these modular batteries, which come in different specifications labeled A, B, C, and D. The battery cells themselves utilize conventional rechargeable technology, but the outer casing features a proprietary interface that facilitates standardized connections.

This development suggests that Apple is exploring a new approach to battery replacement, extending beyond just the iPhone to include other devices like the iMac, Magic Keyboard, and Magic Mouse.

Notably, the patent also highlights a wireless communication system between the batteries and charging stations or host devices. This system not only allows for real-time monitoring and display of battery levels but also enables wireless charging capabilities.

The move towards removable batteries may have been influenced by a recent EU regulation that mandates the ability for users to easily remove and replace the batteries in their mobile phones. However, some critics argue that removable batteries could potentially compromise the dust and water resistance of devices, contradicting the current design philosophy of high-end smartphones. Additionally, it could potentially impact official after-sales services.

Despite these concerns, Apple’s patent represents a significant step forward in battery technology and could pave the way for more sustainable and user-friendly device designs in the future.

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