AMD Unveils AI PC Innovations at Beijing Summit

March 21, 2024 – Today, AMD hosted a grand AI PC Innovation Summit in Beijing, China, showcasing the latest advancements and exciting applications of AI technology in the PC industry.

The event was attended by numerous high-level executives from AMD, including Dr. Lisa Su, Chairman and CEO, and Wang Qishang, Senior Vice President of GPU Technology and Engineering. They were joined by a diverse range of partners from various industries, who demonstrated the impressive capabilities of AMD’s AI PCs.

In his opening remarks, AMD Senior Vice President and President of Greater China, Pan Xiaoming, emphasized the favorable conditions for the development of AI PCs in China. He described the current year, the Year of the Dragon according to the Chinese zodiac, as a time of great opportunity for the AI PC industry, with the entire sector driving innovation, technology, and collaboration.

Dr. Su’s keynote speech highlighted AMD’s commitment to enabling digital lives for billions of people and its dedication to the Greater China region. She discussed the company’s plans to establish major research and development centers, AI excellence centers, and partnerships with large enterprises for joint research and ecosystem development.

AMD’s end-to-end AI infrastructure, consisting of CPUs, GPUs, and NPUs, covers a wide range of applications including cloud, HPC, enterprise, embedded, and PC. With the integration of NPUs, AI PCs are presented with unprecedented opportunities. AMD has also garnered support from over 150 ISV software partners, including numerous Chinese vendors and applications.

At the summit, AMD and its partners showcased various AI PC applications across different industries, such as office collaboration, gaming and entertainment, productivity and creativity, and industry-specific applications. These demonstrations provided a glimpse into the future of AI-powered computing and the potential it holds to transform various aspects of daily life and work.

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