Microsoft to Introduce Spell Check and Autocorrect Features in Updated Notepad for Windows 10 and 11

March 21, 2024 – Microsoft is gearing up to introduce a significant update to its Notepad application in both Windows 10 and Windows 11 operating systems, bringing much-anticipated spelling check and autocorrect features to users.

According to recent reports, the tech giant has commenced the initial phase of testing for the revamped Notepad app by inviting a select group of Windows Insider program members.

The updated version promises to enhance the writing experience by highlighting misspelled words and offering correction suggestions. Furthermore, users will have the option to enable automatic spellchecking, which will automatically rectify typographical errors, significantly boosting the efficiency and accuracy of document editing.

In addition to these new features, Microsoft has included a new setting that allows users to choose which file formats they want the spell checker to apply to. The pre-selected list comprises several common formats such as txt, md, srt, ass, lrc, and lic, among others.

This means that users can enjoy the benefits of spell checking and autocorrect across various file types. However, Microsoft has not yet disclosed whether it plans to support custom file formats in the future.

Overall, the upcoming update to the Notepad application is expected to greatly enhance the user experience, making it even easier for individuals to create and edit text documents on their Windows devices.

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