Toyota’s Debut: Hilux Hydrogen Fuel Cell

September 6, 2023 – Toyota’s unwavering confidence in hydrogen energy is evident as the company unveils its inaugural model of the Toyota Hilux hydrogen fuel cell vehicle. This cutting-edge vehicle is currently in its prototype stage, with the prospect of mass production still hanging in the balance.

While the new Hilux boasts an impressive range of 587 kilometers, it’s worth noting that the diesel version can travel approximately 1150 kilometers on a full tank. Clearly, when it comes to range alone, there is still a substantial gap to bridge. Toyota plans to manufacture ten prototype vehicles to subject them to rigorous tests, evaluating safety, functionality, and durability.

These vehicles are set to roll off the production line at the Burnaston facility in Derbyshire, United Kingdom. This project is a collaborative effort between Toyota and consortium partners, generously supported by the British government. Interestingly, the Hilux hydrogen fuel cell vehicle will share its powertrain components with the Toyota Mirai, a more mature offering that is already in mass production.

Official images of the vehicle’s interior structure reveal a fascinating arrangement. The non-load-bearing chassis accommodates three sizable hydrogen tanks underneath, while the fuel cell stack is neatly tucked beneath the hood, and the drive battery is positioned at the rear of the vehicle.

The combination of batteries and hydrogen fuel indeed makes for a visually striking proposition. However, the potential consequences of any mishaps with either component could be catastrophic. Naturally, extensive testing will be paramount to ensure the safety of these vehicles, underscoring the critical significance of these pioneering prototypes.

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