The A6700 Camera Release: No USB Cable or Charger Included

July 27, 2023 – In the wake of technological advancements, Sony’s latest mirrorless camera, the A6700, has taken the market by storm. However, prospective buyers need to be aware of an interesting change in its packaging strategy. Unlike traditional camera bundles, the A6700 package will no longer include a USB data cable and charger. This move mirrors a growing trend seen in the smartphone industry, where several manufacturers, including Apple, have omitted charging accessories from their devices to promote environmental sustainability.

Interestingly, Sony’s recent Xperia 1 V smartphone packaging also followed suit, containing only the phone itself without any charging accessories. This eco-friendly approach has now transcended into the realm of cameras, where Sony has decided to exclude any charging components from the A6700 package.

The A6700, unveiled on July 12, boasts cutting-edge features such as a 26MP sensor and 4K 120p recording support, making it a flagship APS-C camera with a price tag of $9999 and expected to hit the shelves later this month.

The shift towards eliminating charging accessories from packaging is gaining momentum across the tech industry. While some consumers appreciate the reduced e-waste and associated cost savings, others have expressed concerns about the inconvenience of having to purchase charging equipment separately. As manufacturers aim to strike a balance between environmental responsibility and customer satisfaction, it remains to be seen how this trend will evolve in the future.

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