Japanese Game Developer Key’s Parent Company, Visual Art’s, Acquired by Tencent

July 27, 2023 – Visual Art’s, a prominent Japanese game company, made a surprising announcement today. Their long-standing president, Takahiro Machiba, declared his retirement and transferred his shares to Tencent, effectively making Visual Art’s a subsidiary of the Chinese tech giant. As part of this strategic move, the renowned “Key” brand will also fall under Tencent’s ownership.

In response to the transition, Visual Art’s assured that Machiba will continue to contribute as an advisor, lending his expertise to aid the company’s growth. Meanwhile, the new leadership will be entrusted to Tatsuki Amagumo (Takuya Qiu), who holds promising visions for the company’s future. Visual Art’s affirmed its commitment to maintain the exceptional quality of their storytelling, relentlessly crafting narratives that deeply resonate with their audience.

With its establishment dating back to July 21, 1998, Key has been celebrated in the gaming industry for its emotionally captivating Galgame productions. A trailblazer in this genre, Key’s portfolio includes masterpieces such as “Kanon,” “Air,” “CLANNAD,” “Angel Beats!,” “Rewrite,” and “Charlotte.” Notably, their mobile game “Heaven Burns Red,” released in 2022, caused a sensation by topping Japan’s iOS bestseller charts, solidifying Key’s position as a powerhouse in the Galgame realm.

As the gaming landscape continues to evolve, this alliance between Visual Art’s and Tencent holds immense potential. Fans eagerly await the creative synergy that will emerge from this collaboration, hoping it will usher in a new era of emotionally immersive gaming experiences that will leave an indelible mark on the hearts of players worldwide.

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