Mark Gurman Compares Apple’s Vision Pro to iPad, Foresees Potential Replacement

February 05, 2024 – In his recent commentary, renowned tech analyst Mark Gurman likened Apple’s inaugural mixed reality headset, Vision Pro, to an iPad, emphasizing its current focus on multimedia entertainment, video conferencing, and lightweight mobile computing. Gurman’s observations come just days after the official launch of the much-anticipated device.

While acknowledging the limited time he has spent with Vision Pro, Gurman believes the device holds tremendous potential. In its current state, however, he sees it as a novel iteration of the iPad experience. He suggests that Vision Pro could emerge as a powerful tool for movie watching, video conferencing, and as a viable alternative for portable computing needs.

Echoing similar sentiments about the iPad, Gurman notes that this comparison is not a negative one. In fact, he speculates that a future iteration of Vision Pro might even replace the iPad for many users. This prediction is based on the notion that a significant portion of iPad users primarily utilize their devices for movie watching, video chats, and basic task management, all of which Vision Pro is capable of handling, especially as its price and weight decrease over time.

Gurman also delves into the unique purchasing experience of Vision Pro, which differs from typical Apple device acquisitions. He highlights the involvement of facial scanning, product demonstrations, and the need for personalized fittings based on head size and visor adjustments, sometimes even requiring prescription lens inserts.

Despite its high price tag, Vision Pro has reportedly garnered significant interest during its pre-order period. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo estimates that Apple sold between 160,000 and 180,000 units during its first pre-order weekend.

Meanwhile, popular YouTube personality Marques Brownlee has shared his own in-depth review of Vision Pro. Brownlee praises the device’s immersion, spatial awareness, eye tracking, hand controls, passthrough capabilities, ecosystem integration, and spatial audio. However, he also acknowledges some drawbacks, including weight and comfort issues, a limited number of available applications, shorter battery life, and its steep price point.

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