Huawei Ventures into AI Chat Assistant Space with ‘Huawei eKitChat’ Trademark Application

October 16, 2023 – Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. has recently applied to register the trademark “Huawei eKitChat.” The international classification for this trademark includes scientific instruments and website services. As of now, the trademark is awaiting substantive examination.

Upon investigation, it has come to light that “Huawei eKit” is the English name for Huawei’s sub-brand, introduced in May this year as “Huawei Kunling.” It appears that Huawei Kunling may be gearing up to launch AI chat assistant products or AI customer service solutions.

According to official statements from Huawei, the company aims to better cater to the digital transformation needs of small and medium-sized businesses and support business expansion for distribution partners. Huawei has officially unveiled a sub-brand tailored for the distribution market called “Huawei Kunling.” This brand is committed to building digital products, solutions, tools, and services that are user-friendly and support easy buying, selling, installation, and maintenance.

Specifically targeting the distribution market, Huawei plans to optimize its distribution partner ecosystem and cultivate partners with Sell-Out capabilities. This will be achieved through the establishment of a Distribution Partner Development and Management Committee (PDMB), device activation through QR codes, full-chain visibility, and the introduction of third-party collaborative governance. Furthermore, Huawei’s Billion Business App has been upgraded and rebranded as the Kunling App, with the introduction of the Kunling Partner Portal.

Wang Tao, representing Huawei, stated that “Huawei Kunling” will serve various sectors, including small office/home office (SOHO) settings, the hospitality and restaurant industry, commercial real estate, retail, and office security. They will release over 70 exclusive distribution products, including collaboration tablets, AI cameras, fiber optic sensors, and intelligent sensing products, as well as wired and wireless connectivity with the fusion of IP and optical technologies, and IT platforms built on computing and storage.

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