Enhancing Gaming Performance: AMD Introduces AFMF in RX 6000 Series

October 07, 2023 – AMD Unveils Game-Changing AFMF Technology in Latest Adrenalin Edition Preview Driver

AMD has just dropped a game-changer with its latest Adrenalin Edition preview driver update. This update brings support for AMD Fluid Motion Frames (AFMF) technology to the RX 6000 series graphics cards, a feature originally reserved for the RX 7000 series. However, in response to overwhelming demand from users of older AMD cards, the company has made AFMF backward compatible to the previous generation GPUs.

AFMF stands as AMD’s groundbreaking driver-level frame generation technology, allowing any supported GPU to utilize frame generation in any DX11 or DX12 game. This translates to an impressive boost in FPS while maintaining image quality, offering gamers a smoother and more enjoyable gaming experience. It’s essential to note that AFMF significantly differs from FSR 3 frame generation, as it’s implemented at the driver level and doesn’t rely on motion vectors to preserve high-quality visuals, unlike DLSS 3/FSR 3 frame generation. On the other hand, FSR 3 frame generation operates at the game engine level, giving it the advantage of utilizing motion vectors for an enhanced visual experience.

Crucially, AMD’s frame generation technology doesn’t require specialized hardware to run, setting it apart from Nvidia’s DLSS 3. Consequently, all modern AMD GPU architectures can support AFMF (or FSR 3). For FSR 3, AMD officially supports all AMD GPUs from the RX 5000 series onwards, potentially hinting at AFMF support for RDNA1 users in the future. FSR 3 and AFMF are essentially the same technology, with their primary distinction being the implementation method.

From a technical standpoint, FSR 3 can run on any GPU that supports asynchronous computing. However, AMD suggests that older or slower GPUs than the RX 5000 series or RTX 20 series may not achieve the optimal experience. This is because AMD’s frame generation technology requires computational headroom to provide frame rate improvements. Therefore, it’s speculated that GPUs below the RX 5000 series may not support AFMF technology.

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