Elon Musk Demands 25% Voting Rights in Tesla, Threatens to Spin Off AI and Robotics

May 21, 2024 – Elon Musk’s simple “Yes” response on a social media post has sparked widespread attention from the outside world.

According to a screenshot of a tweet from @Teslaconomics, Musk is seeking to control 25% of the voting rights in Tesla and has demanded that the domestic company be re-registered in Texas. He has also requested the approval of a previous compensation package. If these demands are not met, he has threatened to split the company’s AI and robotics divisions.

If the Tesla board agrees to Musk’s terms, he intends to continue driving the company forward with the goal of becoming the world’s largest corporation.

Musk believes that AI and robotics technology are crucial to Tesla’s success. However, as Tesla is a publicly listed company, these assets technically belong to the shareholders.

In the event that the current voting does not proceed as planned, Tesla has the option to spin off its AI and robotics divisions into a separate company.

This development has generated significant buzz within the technology and business communities, as Musk’s influence and ambitions for Tesla continue to grow. Many are watching closely to see how this situation unfolds and what it could mean for the future of Tesla and its AI and robotics divisions.

Note: The original text has been significantly rewritten and rephrased to ensure it differs from the source material while retaining the key information and context.

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