AMD’s Zen 5 CPUs Forge Ahead with Linux 6.6 Compatibility

August 30, 2023 – AMD’s upcoming Zen 5 CPU generation is already making significant strides towards compatibility with the Linux 6.6 kernel. The latest batch of patches submitted showcases a host of enhancements, including provisions for temperature monitoring and EDAC reporting.

Nestled within the freshly minted Linux 6.6 codebase are a series of patches that introduce support for hardware monitor temperature tracking and comprehensive EDAC reporting. Moreover, the new iteration incorporates x86/misc patches that Phoronix identifies as laying the groundwork for the integration of “Family 1Ah” processor PCI device IDs. This integration is set to be woven into the EDAC and k10temp CPU drivers.

Notably, Linux enthusiasts have held AMD’s platform in high regard, rendering it arguably the most favored ecosystem among Linux users and firmly establishing its dominion in this realm. Recognizing this resonance, AMD has undertaken a marked departure from its prior inertia and is now diligently collaborating with Linux development initiatives.

Beyond this, the company has maintained an active trajectory in advancing the RADV Vulkan driver, striving to cultivate an increasingly user-friendly landscape for Linux.

Projections indicate that the AMD Zen 5 processors are poised for a 2024 debut, aligning with the AM5 platform and ushering in a wave of architectural updates that underscore AMD’s commitment to innovation.

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