AMD Confirms Minor Data Leak, Claims No Significant Impact on Operations

June 22, 2024 – Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) has released a statement through Bloomberg, revealing the preliminary findings of its investigation into a recent data breach incident. According to AMD, the breach originated from a third-party supplier website that provides services for assembling some of AMD’s products. The company assured that the disclosed information was minimal and that the incident would not significantly impact its business or operations.

Meanwhile, on June 19th, a hacker known as IntelBroker emerged on a forum, offering to sell AMD’s data, claiming it included employee information, financial documents, and confidential details. The hacker shared screenshots of some AMD certificates but did not disclose pricing details or contact information.

DarkWebInformer reported that the threat actor also mentioned a staff database containing user IDs, names, job functions, business phone numbers, email addresses, and employment statuses.

Prior to these revelations, AMD had issued a statement announcing an investigation into the cyberattack. The company stated, “A cybercrime organization has claimed to have stolen data from AMD. We are working closely with law enforcement and third-party hosting partners to investigate the incident and assess the significance of the data.”

As the investigation continues, AMD remains vigilant in addressing the potential implications of the data breach and ensuring the security of its systems. The company is committed to protecting its data and minimizing any potential impact on its customers and employees.

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