Tesla Unveils Spring System Update with New Features and Interface Enhancements

April 17, 2024 – Tesla has announced on X (Twitter) that they are rolling out a spring system update, introducing a slew of new features and interface improvements. These include a revamped user interface, automatic shifting, hands-free trunk access, sentry mode video preview, and enhanced regenerative braking on highways, among others.

Here’s a roundup of the update highlights:

Firstly, Tesla is bringing a fresh user interface for Model 3 and Model Y vehicles equipped with AMD chips. The new UI boasts features like:

An immersive full-screen vehicle control when parked.

A media player with enlarged playback controls and quick access to recently played items, favorites, and upcoming playlists.

An expandable autopilot visualization with a minimap in the top right corner for trip guidance.

For Model S and Model X vehicles manufactured in 2021 and beyond, Tesla is introducing the “Auto Shift Beta” feature. This allows the car to automatically switch between drive (D) and reverse (R) gears based on the surroundings, although it cannot automatically shift to park (P) gear. Users can activate this feature in the vehicle settings under “Pedals & Steering”.

In terms of audio, Audible is now available as a native media app, and users can synchronize Spotify playback queues between their vehicles and devices, with the added ability to adjust playback speed.

Tesla has also added a hands-free trunk feature, enabling the trunk to open automatically when the user stands behind it with their phone, which serves as a key (vehicle settings > locks > hands-free trunk). This functionality is supported on Model S, Model X from 2021 onwards, and upgraded Model 3 vehicles.

In select countries, Tesla has incorporated a sentry mode video preview. If the alarm is triggered, users can long-press the notification to preview a short clip of the sentry mode recording on their phone.

Lastly, for Model S and Model X vehicles from 2021 onwards, Tesla has allowed for stronger regenerative braking at high speeds, meaning more energy can be returned to the battery.

Additionally, rear passengers can now view current trip details, time, and temperature on the top of the rear touchscreen.

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