Samsung Expands Galaxy AI Language Support to Enhance Global Accessibility

April 15, 2024 – Samsung Electronics has announced that its Galaxy AI will soon support additional languages, including Arabic, Indonesian, Russian, Australian English, Cantonese, and Canadian French. These languages will be rolled out gradually starting from April and continuing over the next few months, with each language available for download and use as a language pack in the device settings.

Expanding beyond the existing 13 languages, Samsung aims to provide Galaxy AI capabilities to more users worldwide. In addition to the aforementioned languages, Samsung plans to further expand language support later this year, including Romanian, Turkish, Dutch, Swedish, Traditional Chinese, and European Portuguese.

Taewon Lou, President of Samsung Electronics’ Mobile Communications Division, stated, “Samsung is committed to democratizing mobile AI for everyone. The expansion of languages for Galaxy AI translation functionality will help more Galaxy users overcome language barriers and enjoy innovative communication experiences provided by Samsung. In the future, we will continue to innovate and bring more outstanding mobile AI experiences, allowing more users to unleash their potential with ease.”

Currently, Samsung Galaxy AI supports language packs including Simplified Chinese, English (India, UK, USA), French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish (Mexico, Spain, USA), Thai, and Vietnamese.

Features of Galaxy AI include:

– Instant Call Translation: Enables real-time two-way translation of phone calls and conversation content, including voice and text, making it easy to handle tasks such as booking services while traveling or chatting in grandparents’ native language.

– Translation Assistant: Displays instant translations in a user-friendly split-screen window, facilitating face-to-face reading of translated text during conversations.

– Instant Message Translation Assistant: Generates relevant suggestions based on contextual cues to assist in refining conversation style, ensuring polite and accurate interpretation of messages, such as sending a polite message to a colleague or crafting compelling social media posts.

– Smart Note Assistant: Automatically generates summaries, establishes formatting templates, and creates covers to enhance daily work efficiency.

– Voice-to-Text Smart Assistant: Transcribes, summarizes, and even translates recordings using AI and speech-to-text technology.

– Web Browsing Assistant: Converts news articles or web content into concise summaries, assisting in staying updated on current affairs and saving valuable time.

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