Tesla Model X Gets Upgraded Automatic Sensing Doors via 2024.20.1 Update

June 12, 2024 – Tesla has reintroduced a sleek and exclusive feature for its Model X – the automatic sensing door, which has been made available again through the 2024.20.1 software update.

Last year, Tesla removed the ultrasonic sensors from the Model X as part of its effort to enhance its pure vision autonomous driving solution. However, this modification resulted in the loss of some functionalities, notably the highly popular automatic sensing door.

Now, when the driver approaches the Model X with a key card or phone key, the vehicle automatically opens the driver’s side door, eliminating the need to touch the door handle. Additionally, the driver no longer needs to manually close the door; a simple tap on the brake pedal prompts the door to shut automatically.

It’s worth mentioning that previous versions of the automatic sensing door only opened the door slightly, but with this update, the door fully opens, eliminating any need to touch the door altogether.

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