Apple Unveils ‘Presto’: A Revolutionary System for In-Store iPhone Updates

March 28, 2024 – In a recent development, renowned tech leaker Mark Gurman disclosed last week that Apple has been working on a system device dubbed “Presto.” This innovative device is designed to facilitate over-the-air system updates for new iPhones in retail stores.

The actual appearance of the Presto device has been revealed, resembling a stackable storage cabinet. Each unit can accommodate up to six iPhone boxes and connects to the phones via NFC technology.

Once successfully positioned, the iPhones can undergo a system update within a time frame of 15 to 30 minutes. The introduction of this device ensures that unsold iPhones remain updated with the latest system, eliminating the need for any upgrade actions by the user upon unboxing.

Additionally, the Presto system offers convenience in addressing bug fixes and updates. For instance, when iOS 17 was initially released with the iPhone 15, it encountered an issue where it failed to properly transfer data from old iPhones during activation. With the Presto system, retail stores can swiftly update these devices to iOS 17.0.1, rectifying the issue before customers even purchase and activate their new phones.

According to reports, Apple plans to roll out this system across all its retail stores in the United States by summer this year, with expansion to more regions globally in the foreseeable future.

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